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There used to be a few pictures on this page, but i have gotten rid of most of them, becuase of different reasons, mainly becuase they were old, and i was getting sick of them, a new set of Pics is just arround the corner so donít go away too far...

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A true test of ones skills, attack on the forest in winter, when it is snowing, when it is cold, fun, but cold, or have i already said that??

Well lookee here, arnít we all cool and stuff???

This blurred picture was taken in my former front yard, i have since move unfortunately.

Is it a Bird, is it A Plane?? no itís super Biker, ever alert for the call to danger, etc.....

Another blurry pic, taken at a time when i really liked blurry pictures.

Hey Richard, What are you doing to those poor plants????

Donít worry this isnít a picture of what you think it is, if it was i wouldnít have included it in the pics page...

You need a helmet, a big helmet, to protect you from the cold and the hard inpact of the fall....

Where is that helmet??? Ah andy, will you never learn???

Picture Picture

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