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Mr Popadom (aka Dom)

Real Name: Dominic

Country of origin: Australia

Age: 18

Riding Status: Professional at unprofessional riding

Favourtie Band: Prodigy

Favourite Saying: if i only had a bike like that......

Comments: No I'm not Indian thats just what they call me.

 Ganey (aka Andy)

real name: Andrew

Country of origin: England

Age: 16

Riding Status: Thinks he's a pro

 Favoiurite Band: Offspring

Favourite sayings: Bet you cant do this...agggghhhhh, crap why'd i do that

Comments: Don't worry you'll catch me on the uphill one day........

Dick (aka Head)

Real name: Richard

Born: Australia

Age: 19

Riding Status: Can i borrow your bike?

Favourite band: Aqua

Favourite sayings: MUR.................. and i'm sick of you and your riding skills

Comments: i'll get a good bike soon.....honest

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